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TGS Intelligent Gradient-fluidized Dry Separators


In order to realize the dream of "full particle size" dry separation, Meiteng technology has successfully developed the TGS system for fine coal. The system consists of an intelligent gradient-fluidized dry separator for fine coal, a digital air supply system, an X-ray sorting effect detector and an intelligent density control system, which is used for 50-10 (6) mm, 40-6 (3) mm and 25-6 (3) mm coal separation. TGS has the same characteristics as TDS in terms of high separation accuracy, high degree of intelligence, simple process and so on. TGS is a highly accurate intelligent dry separation equipment for fine coal with independent intellectual property rights. The "full particle size"  dry separation process is the combination of TDS and TGS. Together they form the Dream  Plant of DCP, which does not use water, does not consume media, and does not produce slime.The whole process runs intelligently  with perception, analysis, decision,and execution.

(1) Intelligent Gradient-fluidized Dry Separator for Fine Coal

The TGS mainly uses the "gradient-fluidization" theory independently researched by Meiteng Technology. Separation process of the raw coal is under the action of wind force, excitation force and gravity. The force field required for fluidization of raw coal varies according to different density and particle size. So TGS can divide the coal flow into different gradients, and form different force fields for each gradient. The different density and different particle size of raw coal has different fluidization state, which allows TGS to completely separate the raw coal by layers according to density, then cut the layer accurately so as to achieve the purpose of accurate separation.


(2) Digital Air Supply System

Digital air supply system is made up of silent fan, digital air value and duct, providing separation power for TGS system. TGS has many digital airy supply units, their purpose are to provide changeable force fields for different gradient via digital air value adjustment. The Gradient-fluidization separation process is realized by the fine regulation of digital air supply system.

(3) X-ray Separation Effect Detector 

TGS system adopts intelligent feedback regulation technology. Automatic sampler and X-ray separation effect detector are set in the product coal flow. The sampled materials are uniformly fed into the X-ray separation effect detector through the vibrating feeder, and the three indicators of the product, i.e. reject content, coal content and particle size composition are detected online. The detection results are fed back to the TGS density control system for guiding the system adjustment. The tested samples are returned to the separation equipment to achieve reasonable recovery of materials.

(4) Intelligent Density Control System

The intelligent density control system collects data through X-ray separation effect detector, bed state sensor, etc. The GFC embedded controller independently developed by Meiteng is equipped with intelligent gradient-fluidized density control model to intelligently adjust the separation density and achieve high-precision separation. The intelligent density control system can adopt to different algorithm model combinations for different coal types to achieve the desired separation effect. It has very good adaptability to coal quality and is especially suitable for actual production conditions where the reject content is extremely low, extremely high or fluctuates greatly.

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